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May 23, 2011
Adaptogen and Seizures
You will find nearly 1 million catalogued plants, herbs and botanicals within the globe, of those

only 30 have been recognized as adaptogens. I use a drink that is nontoxic and natural that has the capability to help the body handle stress and help a person return to a sense of well-being.

Why is the release of stress so important to people with epilepsy? I could give you several scientific references to explain why adaptogens relieve stress. There are other benefits as well but the one I appreciate the most is that it releases stress and helps me sleep. I'm writing this not as a doctor or person with a theory but as a person with epilepsy that can testify to the benefits of adaptogens.
The combination of stress and lack of sleep has been the number one catalyst to my seizures all of my life. And what are the two things we all experience - stress and lack of sleep. I would venture to say that most of the people that have epilepsy deal with stress and lack of sleep.
I have kept a seizure diary for the last 10 years of the 22 years I’ve been having seizures so I know for a fact that the many benefits of adaptogens:
•Relieve your stress and its negative health effects
•Rebalance your body’s systems for greater wellness
•Bring you 10 incredible benefits, such as more mental calmness, improved cardiac health, greater
physical stamina and much more (see Product Details section below).
I use a product called Adaptogens 10 Plus. I’ve used other products but find this works the best.
This is the best of all the products I’ve tried so I promote it exclusively. I’m not saying this is will stop your seizures just that it did help curb mine and provide the health benefits it claims to have.

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